Tricky Dog Adventures

Hi there!

I'm Karli, the owner of Tricky Dog. Tricky Dog Adventures is a service that provides an enriching experience for dogs, including exercise, socialisation, training and fun.
An avid dog lover since a toddler, I decided to turn my passion for our furry friends into a career in 2019. I hold a Certificate in Canine Behaviour and Training from Unitec, and a Pet First Aid Certificate also. I began Pack Walking in 2021 for my good friend Maddy from Paws In Line and continue to walk my packs alongside hers.


What I do

Tricky Dog Adventures is about more than just dog walking. Being an experienced Handler, I have a strong focus on structure and training to ensure the packs are well managed and your dog is kept safe. I use positive reinforcement training methods to train the following: 

  • Walking calmly on a loose leash
  • Impulse control around distractions
  • Calm behaviour in and around the van
  • Building solid recall in stimulating environments
  • Commands such as sit, stay, wait, leave it 


Adventure Options

Adventure Energy Burner

1.5 - 2 hour adventure for your pup. Collected from home and taken for a fun and high energy adventure with like minded pups.

This is for the adventure enthusiast. The swimmer, stick finder, social butterfly, roll in mud kind of dog. I carefully build my pack based on like-minded dogs who will enjoy each others company. We all head out for a wonderful time no matter the weather to different locations regularly. This is a regular weekly service.

Current days available: Tuesdays & Thursdays 
Price: $50
Dogs must complete an assessment and several solo adventures before joining the pack.

Small Dog Farm Days

1.5 - 2 hour farm adventure for pups that enjoy zooming and playing with friends. The farm is securely fenced and filled with obstacles, toys and paddling pools to enjoy.  

Current days available: Wednesdays 
Price: $50
Dogs must complete an assessment before joining the pack.

Want to know more?

Request a Free Meet and Greet. I'm happy to pop over for a 30 minute chat to meet you and your pup and answer any questions you might have.
This is compulsory prior to signing up for Pack Walking.
Just fill out your details in this enrolment form


Terms and Conditions can be found here.